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I stopped measuring stuff. It just became a hassle because I could never find my measuring spoons when I needed them. It was just easier to add a few “shakes” or a “pinch” here or there in a dish rather than searching through my messy drawers for my measuring spoons.

If I was able to find the measuring spoons to assist in my dish or craft, I made a mess before I even got started! It was somewhat annoying to scoop ingredients like flour and sugar only to get the ingredients all over my hands and arms because the handles were much too short for the canisters.

I wanted needed a measuring spoon set with long handles. That way when I had to measure something, my spoons were there for quick and easy access. I wanted spoons that I could also use as a saute spoon, soup spoon, coffee scoop, pasta stirrer, {fill in the blank}. Having one set of spoons that could easily do other things (and hold up to the task) would allow me to get rid of several wooden spoons in my utensil holder. That counter space is prime real estate!

Thus, utensi was born. Our first product, the long handle wood measuring spoons, solves my problem. It turns out that lots of my friends have the same frustration!

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