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Dessert Recipes

Snickers Snack Cups

By Andrea @ utensi / February 14, 2017

These snack cups are so easy to make. You will feel like you’re eating a Snickers! And since you’re making it yourself, it’s gotta be healthier for you, right?! Snickers Snack Cup Ingredients 12 oz, Milk Chocolate Chips 1 cup, Caramel Bits 1 TBS, Water ½ cup, Roasted Salted Peanuts (chopped) 12 Muffin Liners Snickers Snack Cup Directions Place muffin liners into […]

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Homemade Coconut Truffles

By Andrea @ utensi / November 29, 2016

I always thought truffles were some elaborate, fancy treat but this recipe completely exonerates that belief! These are super simple to make and you likely have the ingredients in the pantry. Coconut Truffles Ingredients 12oz bag, Wilton Dark Chocolate Melting Candy 2 2/3 cups + 1/3 cup, Sweetened Shredded Coconut Flakes 3 TBS, Butter (melted) […]

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Peppermint Chocolate Snowflake Bark

By Andrea @ utensi / November 22, 2016

Peppermint Bark is a recipe that we make frequently, mostly at Christmas and the holidays. But, it is seriously good year-round, amiright?! This peppermint bark recipe not only has white chocolate but a dark chocolate making it twice as good! Peppermint Chocolate Bark Ingredients Peppermint Candy Melts (here on Amazon) Dark Chocolate Candy Melts Wilton Red Snowflake Mold […]

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Banana Pops

By Andrea @ utensi / August 29, 2016

What can I say about these Banana Pops? The are amazing and you have to make them! Seriously, so so good! If you buy these in the store they are expensive compared to making yourself. Plus, it always seems they have peanuts and our boys are allergic to nuts so they can never have them. […]

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Homemade Graham Crackers

By Andrea @ utensi / August 22, 2016

Our kids started back to school recently which means treats need to be ready for after-school snacks and packing lunches. These are so easy to make, much cheaper than store-bought and just plain fun! You can use any type of cookie cutter or just make plain square graham crackers. Grab your utensi measuring spoons and get […]

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3-Ingredient Berry Whip

By Andrea @ utensi / August 15, 2016

You seriously need to make this, it is so good and super easy! Also, try this in a pineapple version too. It reminds me of the Dole Whip at Disney World, or the Dole Plantation in Hawaii (which we’ve been lucky enough to visit). Berry Whip Ingredients 2 cups, Strawberries (cut into chunks) 6 oz, […]

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Homemade No Churn Ice Cream

By Andrea @ utensi / August 1, 2016

The *season* of summer isn’t winding down, but since our kids go back to school very soon it seems like it is coming to a fast end. It’s bittersweet as this year our oldest son will be a senior. I just can’t believe that. It truly does go by fast! Anyway, this is the perfect summer […]

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Raspberry Limeade Pops

By Andrea @ utensi / July 18, 2016

The dog days of summer are in full swing here. Our boys went to the grocery with me and mentioned we hadn’t purchased any popsicles lately. I told them we would get the ingredients to make this recipe instead and they were game! Raspberry Limeade Popsicle Ingredients 1 can (12 oz), Frozen Limeade Concentrate (thawed) 3 1/2 cans, Water (cold) […]

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